Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent Club Championships 2013 


Congratulations to all of our students who took to the mat on Saturday 30th November 2013. Everyone gave the competition their best and there were lots of smiley faces win or lose. The day was supported well with over 70 competitors competing over 22 categories. The event was huge for the club and it would not have been possible with out the help from our referees, table officials, Jane Simpson on the food and beverage stall and Dean and Emma Austin on the kit stall.

Thank you everyone for making the 8th Kent Club Championships and Presentation evening one we will never forget!

Sensei Chris and Sensei Katie



Congratulations to our 2013 Award Winners

Competitor of the day - Maria Pereira

Competitor of the Year - Caitlin George

Junior Grade Student of the Year - William Howell

Senior Grade Student of the Year - Adam Axford

Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent Cup - Gary Hewitt

Results of the 8th Kent Karate Club Championships 2013 


Cadet Basics 5-7yrs 9th-7th Kyu

1st Harrison Booth - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Sophia Walker - Marden Dojo

3rd Joe Thompson - Downswood Dojo


Cadet Kata 5-7yrs 6th Kyu+

1st Luis Townsend - Lenham Dojo

2nd Aidan Merryweather - Lenham Dojo

3rd Sebastian Booth - Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Kata 8-10yrs 9th-7th Kyu

1st Edward Hodson -Kingswood Dojo

2nd Joshua Thompson -Downswood Dojo

3rd Matthew Jasper - Downswood Dojo


Cadet Kata 8-10yrs 6th-4th Kyu

1st Debra Scamp - Kingswood Dojo

2nd William Howell - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Georgia Nicholson -Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Kata 12-14yrs 8th-4th Kyu

1st Caitlin George - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Luke Carpenter - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Persia Armstrong - Maidstone YMCA Dojo


Cadet Kata 9-11yrs 3rd Kyu+

1st Lawrence Bordean - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Finley Lodge - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Natalie Mycka - Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Kata 13-17yrs 1st Dan+

1st Maria Pereira - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Adam Axford - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Jack Cutler - Kingswood Dojo


Adult Kata 8th-6th Kyu

1st Paula Ladbrook - Lenham Dojo

2nd Christine Bensted - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Terry Nicholson - Kingswood Dojo


Adult Kata 5th Kyu+

1st Nicole Moliner - Kingswood Dojo

2nd James Curtin - Marden Dojo

3rd Simona Bordean - Lenham Dojo


Cadet Pairs Kata 8th-4th Kyu

1st William Howell and Luis Townsend - Kingswood/Lenham Dojo 

2nd Eddie Hodson and Georgia Nicholson - Kingswood Dojo 

3rd Ethan Cornish and Cameron Graham - Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Pairs Kata 9-12yrs 3rd Kyu+

1st Lawrence Bordean and Caitlin George - Kingswood Dojo 

2nd Daniel Kennard and Finley Lodge - Kingswood Dojo 

3rd Joseph Scamp and David Pereira - Kingswood Dojo


Adult and Youth Pairs Kata 13yrs+

1st Maria Pereira and Michael Pereira

2nd Jack Cutler and Christine Bordean

3rd Gary Hewitt and Adam Axford


Cadet Kumite 5-6yrs Open

1st Harishan - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Thomas Moliner - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Harry Booth - Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Kumite 7-8yrs Open

1st William Howell - Kimgswood Dojo

2nd Luis Townsend -Lenham Dojo

3rd Oliver Wagg - Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Kumite 9-11yrs 9th-4th Kyu

1st Cameron Graham - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Edward Hodson - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Joshua Vernon - Downswood Dojo


Cadet Kumite 9-11yrs 3rd Kyu+

1st Lawrence Bordean - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Finley Lodge - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Joseph Scamp - Kingswood Dojo


Cadet Kumite 12-14yrs Open

1st Michael Pereira - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Christine Bordean - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Persia Armstrong - Maidstone YMCA Dojo


Ladies Kumite Open

1st Maria Pereira - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Hannah Lines - Maidstone JAG Dojo

3rd Nicole Moliner Kingswood Dojo


Men's Kumite Open

1st Terry Nicholson - Kingswood Dojo

2nd Mickey Townsend - Lenham Dojo

3rd Chris Townsend - Lenham Dojo


Cadet Team Kumite 5-9yrs

1st Jake Worton, Luis Townsend and Luke Worton - Downswood/Lenham Dojo

2nd Daniel Foreman, William Howell and Natalie Mycka - Kingswood Dojo

3rd Joe Thompson, Alex Warham and Joshua Thompson - Downswood Dojo


Cadet Team Kumite 10-16yrs

1st Finley Lodge, Caitlin George & Christine Bordean - Kingswood Dojo 

2nd Josh Vernon, Lawrence Bordean & Jack Cutler-Downswood/Kingswood Dojo 

3rd Sammy Goodsell, Persia Armstrong & James Curtin - Kingswood/YMCA