SKF Kimura Cup 2013

 SKF Kimura Cup Competition 28th September 2013

Success for Kent Karate 9 Gold, 7 Silver and 9 Bronze!


Cadet Mixed 9-11yrs Jnr Kata - Caitlin George 1st Place

Cadet Mixed 9-11yrs Snr Kata - Lawrence Bordean 1stPlace, Sammy Goodsell 3rd Place 

Cadet Mixed 12-15yrs Jnr Kata - Luke Carpenter 1st Place

Cadet Mixed 12-15yrs Snr Kata - Christine Bordean 3rd Place 

Adult Black Belt Kata - Sensei Katie Simpson 1st Place

Cadet Pairs under 10yrs Open - Natalie Mycka and Kacper Krzykowski 2nd Place

Cadet Pairs Junior Grade 10-14yrs 8th-4thKyu - Caitlin George and Debra Scamp 1stPlace

Adults Team Kata Open - Christine Bordean, Katie Simpson and Maria Pereira 2ndplace

Cadet Team Kumite 6-8yrs Mixed - William Howell, Luis Townsend and Daniel Middleton 2ndplace

Cadet Team Kumite 9-11yrs Mixed - Lawrence Bordean, Finley Lodge, Daniel Kennard 1stplace. Joe Scamp, Caitlin George and Kacper Krzykowski 2ndplace

Cadet Team Kumite 12yrs+ - Adam Axford, Jack Cutler and Christine Bordean 3rdplace

Cadet Kumite 6-8yrs Open -  Luis Townsend 1st placeWilliam Howell 2nd Place

Cadet Kumite 9-11yrs Light Weight - Caitlin George 1st Place, Sammy Goodsell 2nd Place Daniel Kennard 3rd place

Cadet Kumite 9-11yrs Heavy Weight - Finley lodge 1st Place, Lawrence Bordean 2nd Place, Joseph Scamp 3rd place

Cadet Boys 12-13yrs Light Weight - Michael Pereira 3rd place

Cadet Kumite Girls 12-15yrs Open - Christine Bordean 3rd Place

Cadet Kumite boys 14-15yrs - Jack Cutler 2nd Place, Adam Axford 3rd Place

Ladies Kumite 16 years+ - Sensei Katie Simpson 3rd Place