Kent Club Championships 2012

   SKF Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent 

Club Championships 2012


Event 1 Cadet 5yrs Basics Open

1st Place Thomas Moliner (Kingswood)

2nd Place AidanMerryweather (Lenham)

3rd Place Betty Ginn (Kingswood)

Event 2 Cadet 6-7yrs Basics Open

1st Place Sebastian Booth (Kingswood)

2nd Place Luis Townsend (Lenham)

3rd Place Jay Thursby (Maidstone)

Event 3 Cadet Kata Junior Grade 1

1st Place Debra Scamp (Kingswood)

2nd Place Ethan Cornish (Kingswood)

3rd Place Georgia Nicholson (Kingswood)

Event 4 Cadet Kata Junior Grade 2

1st Place Joseph Scamp (Kingswood)

2nd Place Caitlin George (Kingswood)

3rd Place Persia Armstrong (Maidstone)

Event 5 Cadet Kata Intermediate

1st Place Lawrence Bordean (Kingswood)

2nd Place David Pereira (Kingswood)

3rd Place Finley Lodge (Kingswood)

Event 6 Cadet Kata Advanced

1st Place Christine Bordean (Kingswood)

2nd Place Michael Pereira (Kingswood)

3rd Place Adam Axford (Kingswood)

Event 7 Adult Junior Grade Kata

1st Place Steve Pereira (Kingswood)

2nd Place Scott Stevens (Lenham)

3rd Place Nicole Moliner (Kingswood)

Event 8 Adult and Youth Advanced Kata

1st Place Haydn Potter (Kingswood)

2nd Place Jack Cutler (Kingswood)

3rd Place Samantha Riddell (Kingswood)

Event 9 Cadet Pairs Kata Junior

1st Place Persia Armstrong and Joe Inglis (Maidstone)

2nd Place Joseph Scamp and Debra Scamp (Kingswood)

3rd Katie Morgan and Isobel Watson (Marden)

Event 10 Cadet Pairs Kata Intermediate

1st Place Eloise Moliner and Michael Pereira (Kingswood)

2nd Place Finley Lodge and Daniel Kennard (Kingswood)

3rd Place Lawrence Bordean and David Pereira (Kingswood)

Event 11 Adult and Youths Pairs Kata

1st Place Christine Bordean and Samantha Riddell (Kingswood)

2nd Place Maria Pereira and Haydn Potter (Kingswood)

3rd Place Jack Cutler and Adam Axford (Kingswood)

Event 12 Cadet Kumite 1

1st Place Luis Townsend (Lenham)

2nd Place Evan Jake Travis (Maidstone)

3rd Place Daniel Middleton (Lenham)

Event 13 Cadet Kumite 2

1st Place Kacper Krzykowski (Kingswood)

2nd Place Natalie Mycka (Kingswood)

3rd Place Georgia Nicholson (Kingswood)

Event 14 Cadet Kumite 3

1st Place Lawrence Bordean (Kingswood)

2nd Place Finley Lodge (Kingswood)

3rd Place Joseph Scamp (Kingswood)

Event 15 Cadet Kumite 4

1st Place Caitlin George (Kingswood)

2nd Place Katie Morgan (Marden)

3rd Place Tristan Jenkins (Maidstone)

Event 16 Cadet Kumite 5

1st Place Jack Cutler (Kingswood)

2nd Place Haydn Potter (Kingswood)

3rd Place Adam Axford (Kingswood)

Event 17 Cadet Kumite 6

1st Place Persia Armstrong (Maidstone)

2nd Place James Curtin (Marden)

3rd Place Luke Carpenter (Charing)

Event 18 Ladies Kumite Open

1st place Samantha Riddell (Kingswood)

2nd Place Maria Pereira (Kingswood)

3rd Place Christine Bordean (Kingswood)

Event 19 Men's Kumite Open

1st Place Steve Pereira (Kingswood)

2nd Place Malcolm Styles (Kingswood)

3rd Place Gary Hewitt (Kingswood)

Event 20 Cadets Mixed Team Kata

1st Place Christine Bordean, Daniel Kennard and Georgia Nicholson (Kingswood)

2nd Place Jack Cutler, David Pereira and Thomas Moliner (Kingswood)

3rd Place Joshua Doran, Finley Lodge and Debra Scamp (Kingswood)


Kent Karate Awards:

Junior Grade Student of the Year 2012, Luis Townsend (Lenham)

Senior Grade Student of the Year 2012, Haydn Potter (Kingswood)

Competitor of the Year 2012, Finley Lodge (Kingswood)

Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent Cup 2012, Persia Armstrong (Maidstone)