On Saturday 14thApril 2012, 21 students from Kent Karate travelled to Birmingham for the 2012 SKF National Karate Championships and we are pleased to report that following a very long, hard day of competition the club did extremely well! We are both very proud of the way in which all students competed; it was fantastic to see such spirit, determination, teamwork and support for each other whether in victory or defeat.

On behalf of ourselves and all the students who competed we must say a big "Thank You" to all the parents for their support on the day and leading up to the event as without that support the competitors could not possibly have achieved what they did.


Shihan Daniels Shield for "Most Outstanding Cadet Competitor of the Day": Jack Cutler

GOLD - 6

Mixed 6-7 years Kumite: Kacper Krzykowski

Mixed 8-9 years Kumite: Lawrence Bordean

Boys 12-13 years Kumite: Adam Axford

Boys 14-16 years Kumite : Jack Cutler

Boys Team Kumite: Haydn Potter, Jack Cutler, Adam Axford

Junior Team Kata : Adam Axford, Jack Cutler and Christine Bordean


Mixed Adult Black Belt Kata: Sensei Katie Simpson

Over 35s Mixed Kata: Sensei Chris Simpson

Cadets 5th-3rd Kyu Kata: Haydn Potter

Adult Team Kata: Sensei Katie, Elle Osborne and Samantha Riddell

Cadet Team Kata 5-9 Years: "A"Team David Pereira, Finley Lodge and Lawrence Bordean

Cadets Mixed 2nd Kyu-Dan Grade Kata: Jack Cutler

Ladies Kumite:Sensei Katie Simpson

Mixed 8-9 years Kumite: Finley Lodge

Boys 12-13 years Kumite: Josh Doran

Boys Team Kumite: Josh Doran.


Cadet Team Kata 5-9 years: "B" Team Sammy Goodsell, Eloise Moliner and Daniel Kennard

Adult 8th-5thKyu Kata: Steve Pereira

Boys 12-13 years Kumite: Haydn Potter

Girls 13-15 years Kumite: Christine Bordean
Well done everyone!