SKF Kimura Cup Competition 2011

Saturday 1st October 2011 - Congratulations to the students who attended the SKF Kimura Cup competition in Birmingham. We did well coming away with 4 Golds, 8 Silver and 6 Bronze! 


SKF Kent Karate Club Results


Sensei Chris- Over 35s kata

Elle Osborne- Adult 4th-1stkyu kata

Finley Lodge- Mixed 8-9 years kumite

Kieran Manning, Lawrence Bordean, Finley Lodge-Team kata under 10 years


Sensei Katie - Adult mixed senior grade kata

ChristineBordean - Cadet Kata 2ndkyu and above

Ted Kinnersley, David Pereira, Daniel Kennard- Team kata Under 10 years

Adam Axford, Jack Cutler, Michael Pereira- Team kataOver 10 years

Thomas Manning- Boys 10-12 years kumite

Christine Bordean- Girls 10-12 years kumite

Elle Osborne- Ladies Open kumite.

Adam Axford, Jack Cutler, Thomas Manning- Boys Team kumite.


Sensei Katie, Elle Osborne, Sammy Riddell -Adult Team kata

Sensei Katie- Ladies Open kumite

David Pereira- Cadet junior grade kata 8th-6thkyu

Jack Cutler- Cadet kata 2ndkyu and above

Lawrence Bordean- Mixed 8-9 years kumite

Jack Cutler- Boys 13-15 years kumite